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Other - Cost: £720,178,892.76 Omeprazole Capsules - Cost: £10,473,010.48 Empagliflozin (Jardiance) - Cost: £11,444,230.21 FreeStyle Libre 2 Sensor  - Cost: £15,163,610.00 Dapagliflozin (Forxiga) - Cost: £15,719,959.64 Beclometasone / Formoterol MDI (Fostair) - Cost: £16,300,424.68 Edoxaban (Lixiana) - Cost: £17,349,855.25 Rivaroxaban - Cost: £20,129,447.70 Apixaban - Cost: £37,386,156.36
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Notes for: Nasal Prepn for Infection
Last edited [12/08/2013 16:29:53]

1. For treatment of acute sinusitis refer to 'Management of Infection Guidance for Primary Care' (chapter 5 of the Joint Formulary).

2. Mupirocin (Bactroban®) should ideally be kept in reserve to avoid resistance developing. It is particularly useful in a hospital setting to treat MRSA. To avoid the development of resistance, the treatment course should not exceed 7 days and the course not repeated on more than one occasion. Please seek advice from Infection Control or Microbiology.

3. Childhood epistaxes from "Little's area" are just as effectively treated by Naseptin® cream or Vaseline® applied to the area for 1 week, as by nasal cautery.


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NameTariffBNF Sub Paragraph
chlorhexidine HCl 0.1%, neomycin sulph 0.5% (Naseptin Cream)
15 g tube Pack of 15
£1.99PCT FORMULARY STATUS: First Line Drugs Nasal Prepn for InfectionView BNF Article on 'chlorhexidine HCl 0.1%, neomycin sulph 0.5%'View SPC on 'chlorhexidine HCl 0.1%, neomycin sulph 0.5%'View PIL on 'chlorhexidine HCl 0.1%, neomycin sulph 0.5%'
Mupirocin Nasal Oint (Bactroban Nasal Oint)
2 % (3g tube) Pack of 1
£4.24PCT FORMULARY STATUS: Specialist Initiated Drugs Nasal Prepn for InfectionView BNF Article on 'Mupirocin Nasal Oint'View SPC on 'Mupirocin Nasal Oint'View PIL on 'Mupirocin Nasal Oint'

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